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Can’t believe it’s been almost six months since returning from Denmark and I still think about going back every hour of every day. As a midway point in my eventual (hopeful) return, I thought I’d do a post for any Danish readers about a tradition we have in the US. In addition, since having the opportunity to go to Copenhagen is one of the things I’m thankful for this year, it seemed a fitting topic. As customary for this blog, this entry will be very food centric. We got a break from classes for Thanksgiving so I went home to spend it with my family.

The Thanksgiving tradition is to eat turkey. Turkey was one of THE HARDEST foods to find in Denmark, but it is plentiful in the US. Here’s a picture of my family’s turkey. Besides the presence of the turkey, you can also tell we aren’t in Europe by the presence of a jar of peanut butter sitting out on the counter behind the turkey. I’m not well versed on my turkey anatomy, so I’m not exactly sure what those long things are hanging out by the back. I do know my mom found a store selling some extra “pope’s noses,” which is a colloquialism for the turkey’s ass. It is also a tradition to stuff the turkey with stuffing (to be seen later), which is a mixture of breadcrumbs, seasoning, mushrooms, and some other stuff.

Our meal. I would consider all components of this meal, besides the brussel sprouts, to be traditional for thanksgiving. From the upper left corner, clockwise around: candied sweet potatoes, stuffing (a special corn bread one, not traditional), turke\\y, gravy, corn pudding, brussel sprouts, traditional stuffing, apple pie.

A few notes: I was also surprised at how expensive sweet potatoes are in Denmark. In the US, sweet potatoes are very inexpensive. Additionally, I never saw pumpkin anything while I was in Denmark– granted, it was not the right season. However, I have a friend from the US who lives in Frankfurt now, and I actually had to send her pumpkin related treats because she couldn’t find any in Germany. So I’m guessing it’s similar for Denmark.
Anyway, that’s all I have the energy for tonight, just submitted 5 PhD applications. Only 4 more to go.

Later, all!


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