Passengers are requested not to sleep on the floor, part II

June 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Written on the flight back to Chicago:

FYI, I’m writing this as we fly over Greenland.

After writing last night, I went to Lis’s place with Nadine and Katy as it was Lis’s flatmate’s birthday. (Confusing sentence but not worth rewording.) It was a fun low-key last night including inebriated dancing to lots of good music, mostly queued up by me (not modest when it comes to my music taste).


After going to bed at 5am, I woke up at 9am to do all those annoying last minute things. But speaking of annoying, first I took a shower, and I had already dropped all my towels off at a friend’s place (she is keeping them for me), so I had to just stand in the middle of my apartment and completely air dry. Then, after stuffing some things into my suitcase, I had to cycle to said-friend’s apartment to drop off my bike. And my hair was sopping wet under my helmet. Gross!

Because I am incapable of not dragging out endings, after I dropped off my bike, I decided I really wanted to go to one last community kitchen. Luckily, there is a brunch at noon right by where I left my bike, so I wolfed down some food, blew an air kiss to Nørrebro (that last part didn’t really happen) and hopped on the metro back to my apartment.

In the months I’ve been biking I first forgot how much the metro sucks (issues with buying tickets, delays, train routes, etc), but I also forgot how slow walking was. On the walk from the metro to my apartment I seriously almost felt like I was not moving. The walk seemed to take eternity (it is only about a one minute bike ride). Anyway, I got back to my apartment where a very hungover Katy and Lis were waiting for me to help me get the airport (Following the preceding night’s text from Katy about her alarm: “I’ve set it for 12. I WILL BE THERE. THATS IN CAPS. X”.) After drinking a juice box next to the canals, we headed up to my room and grabbed my bags. Or rather, we hauled them. Or rather, Lis and Katy hauled them since Katy said “I want to take the big one!” She didn’t know what she was in for…

So we hauled ourselves to the metro and journeyed to the airport, where of course my bag was overweight, ug. But I said some [actually] tearless goodbyes to Lis and Katy, then meandered my way through security (where, for the first time since I can remember, I didn’t get a sexy pat down), and onto the plane… and I am now past Greenland.

The whole leaving thing feels very surreal and it hasn’t sunken in at all yet. I’m sure once I get home some little thing will set me off and it will all be downhill from there. I just spent the last three hours of this flight working on a scholarship essay, so it does make me feel like I’m being proactive about arranging a return.


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