June 12, 2011 § 3 Comments

During my first night in Denmark, I crawled into my bed in my huge, barren, so-Danish room, and thought, “It’s gonna be so hard to leave this place.” And I remember that thought, and it was right.
I can’t believe how quickly the past six months went. Besides the fact that my family is in Chicago, it really feels like I am not going home, I am leaving home. Or at least leaving parts of myself.

I will miss, in no order:
– biking
– long daylight hours
– friends
– Tietgen balcony
– common dinners
– birthday breakfasts
– Danish introversion
– community kitchens
– cooking in Bumzen
– dream cake
– Christiania
– Nørrebro
– Assistens Kirkegaard
– Sumersby
– feeling safe late at night
– fisk frikadeller
– hearing Danish
– saying tak (though that habit will die hard)
– the explosion of people outside when weather is nice
– did I say biking?

Some things I want to do when I come back
– swim at the beach/harbor baths
– go kayaking
– go on a long bike ride along the coast
– Copenhagen pride
– road trip to Jutland
– have a traditional Christmas lunch
– understand Danish
– go to the medical museum, WWII museum, and Jewish museums


Update five days after being back in the States:

It turns out that thinking about leaving was worse than actually being back. The only time I got kind of emotional about it since leaving was when I changed my watch back to Chicago time. I’ve started a great research job that keeps me very busy, and the knowledge that I am probably returning to Denmark makes it feel like I am taking a break, rather than leaving permanently. There have been a few culture shock moments, most notably when I got off the plane and was waiting in customs, and everyone was talking SO loudly on their phones about personally things. People don’t really do that in Denmark. But I went to Whole Foods (a grocery store) today and was re-stunned by how huge it is compared to Netto. As I said before though, Denmark has a very dreamlike haze over it right now, almost like it never happened… (until I step on the scale, and then I’m like, yeah, it happened.)

Scholarship interview tomorrow!


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  • grds09 says:

    hey i just discovered your blog…i’m going to be staying at the same residence you stayed at this august2011..rm 430!

    i’m trying to create a list of stuff i should bring and wanted to know was there anything you forgot but wished you brought?

    do your floormates eat together all the time?

    • Hannah says:

      Hi, you’ll love Tietgen! However, room 430 is not in the same section of Tietgen as my room (room 416), but one section over. As such, you will have different floormates than I had, and I don’t know if your section will have any common dinners (every section organizes it differently and independently, and I know some sections don’t have any common dinners).
      As for specific things to bring… nothing you can’t buy in Denmark. When you get there, make sure to remember to buy toilet paper, and you’ll also need an extension cord because there aren’t many power outlets (you can get them from a store called Tiger, which is like a dollar store that is all over). If you are outside of Europe also remember to bring adapters so you can plug your stuff in.
      Oh yeah, remember to bring sheets and towels as well… and of course soap, shampoo, etc.
      Let me know if you have anymore questions! 🙂

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