Last days…

June 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

Had a great last two days.

Yesterday, my section of my kollegium had a goodbye breakfast for me and the other exchange student, Libuska. There was so much food, it was insane. I contributed American style buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes, and rhubarb coffee cake. (This blog is slowly morphing into a food blog.) Other food included: potatoes, sausage, eggs, rolls, fruit, chocolate cake, and a traditional rice pudding from the Czech republic made by Libuska.
I’m gonna miss common meals so much.

From left, clockwise around: Christian, Mads, Liv, Rikke, (embarrassingly can’t remember her name since she is subletting and not a regular), Camilla, Tanja, Joseph, Sari, Libuska

My coffee cake:

Afterwards, I spent the better part of the day packing. Then my friend Peter invited me to a concert at Tivoli to see Teitur, a musician from the Faroe Islands. I took this picture at exactly 10pm as I cycled there… and it was still light for a long time after:


The concert was good fun. Peter and I polished off a cider each and a bottle of wine together, which made it an even better time. We had a lot of laughs and I loved seeing Tivoli at night.


Afterwards, we biked to a party but they ended up closing the party early since not a lot of people showed up. While I was there, I met up with Fiona, one of her friends, and Thomas, one of my very first and best friends since coming to Denmark. We stopped at 7-11 for some drinks (just soda for me at this point) and snacks and walked to the lake where we sat and chatted until 4:30am. It was an amazingly great, low key and beautiful night, my favorite kind.

The sky at about 2:30am:

Me and Thomas:

Sky at 4:00am:

On a related note, I am so going to miss having the freedom and safety to just be out at a lake during the middle of the night.
We had some laughs about the fact that in Denmark during the summer, you leave home when it’s light and get home when it’s light. We joked that that’s the way it should be… except then in winter you’d have to go out at 3:30pm and not get home the next day until like 10:00am!
I cycled home in complete light. I love that so much.

Today, I woke up and met my friend Dubbi and her friend Walrus (nick name obviously) and we went to this hotdog for Japanese earthquake relief thing, which basically consisted of us getting “Japanese-style” hot dogs with Japanese BBQ sauce, and Japanese style pickles and onions. It was actually surprisingly good. We then went and sat in the park (Frederiksberg Have) and talked and watched this couple train a parrot, which was pretty cool.

I’d actually never been to this park before and it is definitely on my list of things to explore more. We also cycled back through a pretty trail which apparently spans quite a ways… another thing to explore more.


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