June 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

No window picture, but things I bike past and love:

“Hej cyklist! Hvil foden her… Og tak fordi du cykler i byen!”
“Hey cyclist! Rest your foot here… and thanks for cycling in the city!”
Love love love.

Yesterday I said my first goodbyes. My friend Jutta was leaving for a three week vacation, so I’ll be gone when she gets back. We had drinks and dessert at my flat with two other friends, then went to a show in Christiania. We said goodbye with the promise that in one year I will be back and she will be skating on the roller derby A team.

Today, the plan was to cycle (I’ve noticed that since being in Denmark, I solely use the verb “cycle” for bike riding rather than “bike,” probably because it sounds more like the Danish cykler) to Louisiana with a friend, but she ended up canceling. Instead, I went with Libuska, the other exchange student on my floor, back to Christiania where we ate in my favorite little place, Grønsagen. (I’ve mentioned it a bunch of other times.) We also stopped at Sunshine Bakery on Pusher Street (real street name, not my pet name) and indulged in chocolate dream cake. Since you can’t take pictures in Christiania, this picture is from flikr. (I would put up a picture of Sunshine Bakery as well, except it is kind of unremarkable and kind of just a shack, so there aren’t really any good pictures.)

Afterwards, I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day and maybe finish my book, so I went to my favorite people watching spot on the bridge. On the way there, I saw this shop that I thought must be catering towards my mother:

It actually turned out today was some random Danish holiday so everyone had off from work and all the shops were closed. According to http://www.fyidenmark.com, it is Kristi Himmelfartsdag (a funny name for an apparently serious holiday) which is to celebrated “to commenorate Christ’s ascension into heaven, which occurred 40 days after his resurrection.” Needless to say, I didn’t see any mention of religion or Jesus, but instead just tons of people enjoying the weather and drinking beer. Yesterday was also the first day of Distortion, a huge street festival that moves around the neighborhoods in Copenhagen. The combination of holiday and distortion in Nørrebro meant my bridge was very busy today.


Besides dream cake, another Danish food I will miss are fisker frikadellen, which is basically minced fish and breading or something, kind of like a fish meatball/fish cake. You can get them 4 four about 10dkk (2 dollars) in the grocery store. For some reason I really like them hot with lots of salt. (Apparently the Danish way to eat them is cold, on a sandwich, with remoulade, eww to remoulade.) This looks like the ones I buy, they come in a plastic wrap bag thing:

Also, I submitted my first scholarship application last night!


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§ 2 Responses to Himmelfartsdag

  • Maw says:

    How dare you! I actually LOL. ! What me nag?????

  • Nadine says:

    We (the oldsters of the Asin/Wirtshafter clan) leave on the Birthday Bubbe cruise tomorrow. I’ve loved your blog; hope you will keep it up over the summer and next year. Yeah, I know; it’s not gonna be about all the good food and good times in Copenhagen :(. Travel safely home, and hope to see you soon on this side of the Atlantic. Loveya, Nadine

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