Nothing rotten in the state of Denmark

May 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

Daily dose of things I bike past and love:

And daily dose of the view out of my window, this taken at 3:00am on the dot. It is only completely dark from about 11pm to 3:00am, which is pretty fantastic.

This weekend was rainy but fun, on Sunday I had brunch with my friend Jutta, and I made American style pancakes from a box of Bisquick all the way from the States. I then went over to Jutta’s to help her pack, as she is moving apartments. We also tried to come up with a derby name for her since she joined the Copenhagen roller derby team after we went to the match! Despite some major troubles figuring out how to assemble the cardboard boxes, the day was a success.

Yesterday and today, as if to make up for its karmic debt, the weather decided to cooperate and be lovely. Yesterday was perfectly sunny, so I biked around a bit before doing as the Danes do and stopping on the side of a bridge with my book, where I spent a few hours reading, people watching, and enjoying the sun. At one point the cutest dog ever came waking by and licked my barefoot toes. I really need to take a picture of this bridge over the weekend when every inch is covered with sunbathers sitting on blankets.


I also decided to cross another item off my list and went to Botanisk Have (Botanic Gardens). They were pretty but I much prefer the cemetery in Nørrebro; I think the cemetery has a much more organic, mysterious, unplanned and free feel to it. It feels like a little secret cove, while these gardens just feel like a garden. I did like the statues of the women yielding weapons though.


I then came home to a delicious common dinner of home-made pita bread and various fillings, and then made some last edits to my scholarship essays, which I am submitting tomorrow.
I also had a meeting with my potential research supervisor today and I am getting really excited about my potential project. I also found someone to teach me Danish over the summer. I don’t think I’d be able to handle leaving without making preparations for returning.

That way I can say vi ses instead of farvel!


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