Happiness is…

May 15, 2011 § 4 Comments

So, I haven’t written since Tuesday because I haven’t done anything *major* but all the little things add up, and now I feel like I have a ton to write about. I usually try to keep each individual post with one “theme,” but I guess this will just be a collection of odds and ends… that I will attempt to partition in one way or another.

First, since I know you are all dying to know, I finished drafts of my two papers, which were 15 and 18 pages, 1.5 spaced. (I have one more exam but the topic hasn’t been released yet.) Yay!! I wrote these 33 pages in fewer than 10 days, so I think CMU trained me pretty damn well. So if anyone feels a pressing desire to read about paternity leave and the feminist welfare state (for my Scandinavian model of welfare class) AND/OR breastfeeding trends in Singapore (for my food and identity class), I’m your woman.


There are a bunch of little things that I bike past every day (or almost every day) that I love and want to remember. I am trying to make a concerted effort to capture all of these things… I usually remember to take a picture either when it is raining or when my camera is packed up in my bag. I actually just ordered a cheap memory card online and may try to take a video of my “commute” everyday. A few things I love:

This is located kind of as you enter the city. The top number tells you which number cyclist you were that day to bike past the sign. (As you can see, at 3pm on May 11th I was cyclist number 6370). The bottom number tells you how many cyclists have passed so far this year. Almost a million!

This is what Tivoli (a historic amusement park in the city) looks like at night.

That’s all I’ve captured so far (see what I mean about needing to make an effort?)


The daylight hours here are INSANE. I am never actually asleep when it is dark outside. It doesn’t get completely dark until after 10pm, and it starts getting light again at 3:30am. I took this out of the window of my room last night at 3:30am.


Now for the less-listy more-diary stuff:

On Wednesday, I went with Brittany to go cook in the kitchen, but they are unfortunately ending the community kitchen for the summer (or indefinitely) so it was our last Wednesday cooking. It actually felt really sad because it was like the beginning of all the stuff that is going to be ending. 😦 😦 (Don’t worry, I ate some extra chocolate croissants to quell that sadness. And they also had cheese bread this time! Score!)

On Thursday I met up with some friends at a cafe, but then Elisabeth (Lis) and Nadine and I decided to leave and go to Christiania. Nadine doesn’t have a bike, so she steered Lis’s bike while Lis sat on the back. I seriously almost died from how flipping hysterical it was. I guess that was a preview for the rest of the night, because, due to a variety of factors that are not blog-appropriate to publish, it was seriously the most funny and nice night in recent memory.


On Friday, Nadine and Lis came over and we made dinner. We were then going to watch a movie, but we were all craving this chocolate dreamcake that you can get in Christiania… Lis graciously volunteered to bike over there and get the cake (it’s only a few minutes from where I live). And she found out the bakery is open 24 hours ($%(#!@%). Upon returning back, she announced to us she had received a text saying it was the last Friday bar at her faculty. (If you remember, all the faculties have bars on Thursdays or Fridays.) I’ve only been to Friday bar once before because it is NOT my scene, but I went along because I didn’t really have anything else to do. So we got there and I sat around being uncomfortable for a while… (there is such a pretense at these Friday bars, at least in my opinion, where I just feel like everyone is just looking for someone to spend the night with). Anyway, after a while Nadine and Lis either got bored of it also or saw how much I didn’t like it, so they humored me and went with me to this other bar at this place called Cafe Under Konstruktion, which is, to put it simply a cafe/collective run by volunteers where the money goes to political causes. Nadine left kind of early, but Lis and I stayed and played foosball and listened to the music until they closed at 3am. We then went and ate schwarma and frenchfries (a non-sober ritual) and biked home in the DAYLIGHT at 4:00am.

This morning it was back to Cafe Under Konstruktion because they have a biweekly Sunday brunch. I went with my friend Mara from Holland, but as I cycled up I saw (or rather, she saw me) my other friend Fiona (from Ireland). We all ate brunch together, and then Fiona and I went to Kongens Have (the King’s Garden). My faithful readers will remember that I went to Kongens Have the first weekend I was here with Elisabeth, but I’ve heard how nice and beautiful it is in the spring, so I wanted to go back and experience it again.

Some comparison photos of January 6th and today, May 15th:




Happiness is… that last picture. It’s is kind of the epitome of my life right now.


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§ 4 Responses to Happiness is…

  • KA says:

    I’m verklempt. Great pix, too.

  • Hannah says:

    Let’s not get dramatic 😉

  • Su says:

    Hey 🙂 I’m from Singapore, coming to Copenhagen Jan-June of next year, and happened to stumble upon your blog! I can’t believe you did a 15+ page paper on breastfeeding trends in Singapore… goodness knows I wouldn’t even be able to find a page worth of things to write about the subject! Anyway, keep up the blogging! Cheers~

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