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This week, instead of doing a common dinner in my section of my kollegium, we all brought our own food and went outside and grilled it. A few things of note:

  1. While the words “grill” and “barbeque” are related in English, they are not the same, as barbeque is also a cuisine, so to barbeque something is to prepare it in accordance with this cuisine. This is a concept that is not familiar to people from outside of the US, as barbeque is a uniquely American food… I’ve actually never seen barbeque sauce in the store here. In addition to barbeque being a USA thing, Danes are not big on spices or spiciness, and the amazing deliciousness that is barbeque might be lost on them.
  2. Another thing that I guess is relatively unique to the US is the idea of toasting marshmallows. After we ate dinner, a few girls went to the store and got marshmallows to toast, but only one other girl (who had spent a lot of time traveling in the US) and I had ever roasted them before. S’mores* were an entirely foreign concept. So we grabbed some chocolate and graham crackers (actually, graham crackers do not exist in Denmark, but they have “digestive biscuits” which are kind of similar) and everyone (besides me and the girl with the US traveling) had their first S’mores experience. It got rave reviews from all parties involved. (Funny also: since no one had roasted marshmallows before, they kept asking “are they done yet? are they done yet? when the marshmallows weren’t even brown at all! haha)
  3. Was such a nice pleasant evening. I’m going to miss common dinners a lot.

*For my non-US readers: a s’more is made by taking a graham cracker (digestive biscuit), putting a piece of chocolate on the cracker, putting a roasted marshmallow on top of the chocolate, then closing the sandwich with another graham cracker. The hot marshmellow melts the chocolate and makes amazingness. They are called s’mores because you always want “some more”… which if you say with gooey marshmallow in your mouth, comes out as s’more

Left to right: Liv, Tanja, Camilla, Sari, Me, Joseph, Christian, Libuška (the other exchange student), Camilla, Rikke

Left to right again: Rikke, Libuška, Me, Tanja, Sari, Liv, Camilla, Camilla

Floormates not pictured (they didn’t attend): Kristian, Mads, Julsci

In other news, I had an article and pictures published in Urban, which is a free Danish newspaper that circulates to several hundred thousand people each day. It’s a little awkward because out of the hundreds of pictures they requested I take, the of course included horrible ones of my friends. Oh well, nothing I could do about it, but I feel a little bad. You can read it online here. It’s on pages 13-16, and it also corresponds with the picture and caption on the cover that reads “Byen set fra Kollegiet” (which I think translates to “The City Seen from the Kollegium”)


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