2200 Kærlighed

May 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

A most pleasant few days, particularly yesterday.

First, hello spring, my most favorite season. This is what the campus looks like right now where I have two of my classes:


One of my classes is finished, and the other two have the last class this upcoming week. All that is left then is three finals… I have no idea how this semester went so fast.

The weather has been exceptional the past few days, particularly in comparison to the beginning of the week. On Tuesday I went to a lecture about Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill, and then did some work in a cafe after. When I left that evening, it was raining the most cold, miserable rain and I was soaked and freezing by the time I got home. In comparison, on Friday, Nadine came over and we “did work” in the sun (this is where she was getting ready to flick me off for taking a picture of her):

Then my friend Brittany came and joined us, and I made tabbouleh salad, which we then ate on pita with hummus and soft Feta-like cheese. Noms! (In other news, I was not aware of the extent to which bulgar expands when it is cooked, so now I have enough tabbouleh to last me the week.) Nadine left to go see some German band, and Brittany and I watched a Swedish movie, but, of course, not before deciding that we desperately needed ice cream. We made a quick trip to døgnNetto (Netto is a cheap grocery store they have here, and døgnNetto is like a convenience version of it: it is smaller and slightly more expensive, but it is open until *gasp* 10pm and open on Sundays) where we got some ice-cream that we thought was vanilla with caramel and chocolate… but it actually tasted like eggnog flavored ice cream. It was peculiar.

Yesterday was a big street festival in Nørrebro, Blågårdsgadefest (aptly named as it was a fest on the street Blågårdsgade). Being a Chicago kid, I am always totally enamored by street festivals as they are a big part of summers in Chicago. Nadine and I made dinner at my apartment, then headed over at about 5:30. We walked around, did a lot of people watching, listened to some music, and got a second dinner (can’t resist schwarma), and then met up with Katy and some other people. We listened to a great horn band, and then Katy and the other people decided they wanted to leave for another party (it was about 10:30 at this point, I have no idea where the time flew to). I had plans to meet my other friend, Jutta, so Nadine stayed with me until Jutta showed up. During this time, I also ran into my Danish language teacher, who coincidentally and weirdly also knew Jutta. Jutta and I walked around and got ice cream, and she told me about her experience joining the roller derby team, which is totally kick-ass. We parted ways at about 12:30 and I headed home after a great day.


An observation about festivals in København: In Denmark, you can get a fair amount of money for returning cans to the grocery store… You can get between 1dkk and 3dkk depending on the type of can or bottle (between 20 cents and 60cents). This is much more than in the US, where I believe you can only get 5 cents or so for bottles, and only in some locations. (It is also not as easy to do in the US– I don’t believe most stores have a bottle deposit place at the front, as they do in Denmark). Anyway, at street festivals and big picnics or what not, all the attendees drink tons of beer, and then put the cans down, and then [poorer] people come collect the cans and presumably return them for the refund later. I understand the process behind this, but there is something just a little disconcerting about it. Literally as soon as a person sets a can down, someone grabs it. It just bothers me that these festivals are supposed to be a pleasant, enjoyable community party for all involved. It totally sucks that there is this division of the people who can afford to enjoy the occasion, and the people who have to pick up the trash to afford basic things. Anyway, I know this is not a problem unique to Denmark (the poverty rate here is way, way below the US, in fact), but it is just something that is very easy to notice at occasions like this.

Anyway, to end on a nice note, as I said, it was a splendid, sunny day. What’s on the agenda for today? Sitting outside working on these papers that need to get done, movie later with Nadine. I bought some buttermilk, maybe I will make scones.


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