I got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key

April 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

Ok Saturday. (I was going to wait to do this post as to not overwhelm my gentle readers with two posts in one day, but then I realized if I waited that there would just be something that would come up to write about, and then I would have to delay that to write about this, etc etc.)

So last weekend, my friend Signe invited me to Copenhagen’s first roller derby match. I have wanted to see a roller derby match for forever (even more so after watching Whip It starring Ellen Page; but don’t get me started on Ellen Page) so of course I accepted. The plan was also to have a pre-derby picnic nearby then head over to the match.

Unfortunately, in contrast to the balmy days of last weekend, yesterday was neither warm nor sunny, so the picnic was cancelled. (Which also left me with a big pan of brownies I baked for the occasion…) Signe, her friend, and I met up in Nørrebro at 5 and biked over to the skating rink, where we met up with another of my friends, Jutta, and some more of Signe’s friends.

I don’t know if words can accurately describe what roller derby is like. I actually think Whip It gave a pretty good portrayal of it. Basically, for those not in the know, Roller Derby is a women’s sport essentially involving two skaters who try to pass the other skaters to score points. (There is no ball or goal or net or anything.) Contact is also allowed as long as it happens between knee and shoulder area.

Ok, from that description it sounds pretty banal. But it is so much more than that. It is total in your face power. The name of the Copenhagen team is “Rollin Heartbreakers.” The girls give themselves derby names like “Agent Anger,” “Grace Smelly,” and “Sandra Buttblock.” Fishnets are common attire. But the camp is so obviously and unexplainably done for themselves and not for men or anyone else. We sat in the so-called “suicide seats,” which were just cushions on the floor at the edge of the rink, deemed suicide seats because a skater might fall on you during the game.

A video (not my own). I recommend putting your speakers on mute since the song in the background is horrible:

Some pictures, also not my own. (I took some but my camera speed wasn’t fast enough and they didn’t come out). Credit: Pictures were found on facebook and were taken by Thomas Fjellerad, except the last picture by Kristian Ridder-Nielsen.

The game is played hard but happily. Wide grins were commonly seen after points were scored. A girl who fell did a somersault in front of us. I won a free tshirt during half time. I want to wear it every day. I cheered a ton. I smiled more. We were exuberant. I was in awe for two hours.

Oh yeah, and Copenhagen smashed Belgium. ❤ ❤ ❤


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