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April 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

Much to write about, like usual:

I biked around in the freezing rain to get supplies for a party at my kollegium (more on this later). That evening, I went to a dinner at Cafe Knud, which is a cafe where the proceeds benefit an organization for people with HIV. The dinner was organized by a student group I am in, and it was a very pleasant evening.

I swear, København is the only city in the world that could make me love Wednesdays. I got up early because it was a girl’s birthday in my section of my kollegium, which of course means birthday breakfast! (Consisting of pancakes (more like crepes), biscuits, muffins, bacon, sausage, fruit, yogurt, potatoes, and more things I can’t think of.) Also, in Denmark (maybe this is a European thing in general), they have these sheets of thin chocolate that you put in the middle of rolls at breakfast. I also managed to get a video of the birthday instrument song (to refresh your memory, it is a birthday song where the basic meaning is “it’s your birthday so we are going to play you instruments”), but everyone was so unenthusiastic about it because I was video taping. Alas. The instruments the birthday girl, Camilla, picked were drums, trumpet (don’t know why it’s being played with two hands), and guitar.

I then had all these lofty plans for things I was going to do because I woke up early (laundry, clean my room, etc etc), but obviously going back to bed was way more inviting… so I slept until my class. A weird thing about this class (Scandinavian model of welfare): during the 15 minute break in the middle, the professor almost runs out of the class. My friend and I try to figure out where he goes and what he is doing, but we have no idea. We thought maybe a cigarette break, but he doesn’t smell of smoke. Maybe something to do with fresh air, because he always opens the windows during break for fresh air, even if it is freezing outside.

Anyway, after class, my Brittany and I went over to the collective, where we helped cook dinner again. Brittany and I first made the biggest fruit salad you’ve ever seen: I think there were maybe 30 bananas, 10 oranges, 30 apples, and 30 pears in it. We had great fun eating the pits of the pears as we made the salad.

There was an amusing incident regarding some parsnips: A girl who left before we got there made this batter to dip the parsnips in, and then we were going to coat them in bread crumbs and fry them. Brittany and I were given the task of dipping and frying up the parsnips, but no one could find breadcrumbs. So another girl went to the store to get breadcrumbs, but when she got back she realized she actually bought these really sweet crumbs (kind of like graham cracker crumbs but with coconut). So we decided we would try coating the parsnips in that instead… and then all of us tasted it, and we almost threw up. We were laughing so hard and it tasted so bad. We ended up just stir frying the parsnips in soy sauce (which is called soya in Danish).

Dinner was great, consisted of: this oddly good beet root spread and bread (and I don’t even like beets), salad, onion rings, potatoes, parsnips, cauliflower, and Danish remoulade, which, according to wikipedia:

Danish remoulade has a mild, sweet-sour taste and a medium yellow color. The typical industrially-made variety does not contain capers, but finely-chopped cabbage and pickled cucumber, fair amounts of sugar and hints of mustard, cayenne, coriander and onion, and turmeric for color.

I was not a fan.


Since Friday was my day to cook common dinner for my kollegium, I went shopping for dinner supplies with Christian, my neighbor. I also started to prepare dinner: I made a huge salad, a pan of brownies, and formed all the meatballs (2.5kg of meat plus .5kg of bread crumbs… so a lot of meatballs). I also made a pan of brownies for a picnic on Saturday (more on this later). Why brownies? Because I have had brownies in Denmark and they do not taste like good old Beacon Hill brownies, yum.


As I said, Friday was my day to cook common dinner with my neighbor Christian. As I said, we made two huge salads, sweet and sour meatballs, rice, broccoli, and brownies. (We also served a loaf of bread, that I got free at the collective on Wednesday!)

It was also Tour des Chambres (the party I mentioned in passing before). Tour des Chambres is a Danish tradition in kollegiums where each room has a theme and you go from room to room with the other people you live with. The theme consists of room decorations, a costume, a drink, and a game. Since I know you are wondering what my theme was… I did a Japan theme just because I figured I could make a kimono type thing with my bathrobe. I also made 40 paper cranes that I hung from my ceiling (took me over 4 hours… obviously went a little overboard).

A few of my favorite themes: retirement home (game was bingo), computer geek (we played snake on networked computers), and a fruit theme roomed (game was fruit hung from the ceiling and you had to bite all around the fruit without using your hands).

The night finished in a gigantic bounce house that this guy on my floor owns for some reason….

So much to write about yesterday as well, but this post is long enough right now… plus I think yesterday is deserving of its own post.


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