Sun sun sun stay with me…

April 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

It always rains buckets on Thursdays, obviously because my farthest away class is on Thursdays. In the rainy Thursday evening, I went to a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was a very different experience from the time I saw it with a crowd in the US. I was trying to make a spreadsheet with compare/contrast but I can’t figure out how. So, in its place:

Denmark: No one was dressed up
US: People without fishnets are the exception

Denmark: Props were minimally used, if at all
US: You wouldn’t dare enter without a roll of toilet paper

Denmark: Audience paritipation was minimal; no one even said “LIPS” at the beginning
US: People have a retort for almost every line

Anyway, the event was sponsored by Jameson alcohol and was super crowded, so I actually didn’t even stay for the whole thing. While I was there, my friend Lukasz invited me to a political demonstration on Saturday….

… so after waking up, showering, and eating on Saturday I decided to head on over. The weather was supremely amazing. To explain it very simply, the demonstration was against VKO, which is a coalition of right-wing political parties that currently run the Danish government. Once I got to the demonstration, I couldn’t find Lukasz or another friend I had heard was going. Additionally, in a completely stupid oversight on my part, I had not considered that the whole event would obviously be in Danish, so I didn’t understand any of it (besides the occasionally cognate). It was still nice to be outside in the center of Copenhagen with other progressively-minded people.

After staying for maybe an hour, I went and sat by the canals and then met up with Katy and Elisabeth in Christianhavn. We sat by the canals for a bit and ate these amazing marzipan eggs (cannot wait until Easter is over and I can get all the Easter candy on sale). We then went to a bakery and bought bread, and then to a food store and got leeks and mushrooms and chicken. At Elis’s apartment, we made and ate amazing leek/mushroom/chicken soup and ate a whole huge loaf of bread and thing of brie. Then Nadine came over and while they did homework for a class I’m not in, I made chocolate carrot cake, which we then also ate.

Since the weather was dreary today, I stayed in and didn’t do much at all. Made a batch of cookies. Seriously, I really need to find someone to cohabitate with who loves eating (easy to find), dislikes or feels neutrally about cooking (moderately easy to find), and doesn’t mind cleaning (hard to find). I will cook and bake fabulous food and she will clean, and we will both eat.

Applicants please inquire within.

(Coming soon: a post about biking in Copenhagen, some pictures, etc, etc)


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