Heavier and happier

March 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Oh man, where to begin! It really is going to be a necessity to update this every day while I’m in Venice because I’ve already done so much! I woke up pretty late and had a light breakfast, and then Valentina and I took bikes down to the edge of the mainland, where the bridge goes to the islands. You can see on this map (which I jacked from mytourpal.com) the mainland to the left and the long bridge leading down to the islands. Valentina’s family lives on the edge of the mainland, so it took us about 20 minutes or so to bike to the bridge. By the bridge there is a huge park, and you can see the mountains in the north.

We then biked back to her house, where Valentina’s mother had made an amazing Sunday lunch. I had forgotten that in Italy pasta is like a first course, so I filled myself up on some amazing ravioli with cream sauce, when lo and behold, we had a next course of bread and cheese and salad and amazing marinated peppers (that her mom is going to teach me how to make). Of course there was also dessert in the form of an amazing almond cake.

We then took the bus to the islands and spent the rest of the day walking around. The weather for the whole day was perfect. I was going around in just a sweatshirt and a tshirt and the sun was out and beautiful. It truly is a beautiful city; it feels like something out of a different time. Pic spam ahead:

We also took a short (.5 euro) gondola trip across one of the canals so we wouldn’t have to walk around. Although the trip only lasted a minute (not an understatement), it was still fun and pleasant.

Valentina also introduced me to this Italian snack called mozzarella in carrozza (mozzarella in a carriage). It is basically mozzarella cheese with prosciutto inside, and then deep fried in olive oil. So fatteningly delicious. (We got it from this place only the locals know about, yum.)

A highlight of the day for me was seeing the Basilica di San Marco. I honestly cannot express how astoundingly awesome (in the true sense of the word) this building was. The entire interior is made of glimmering gold mosaics. I cannot fathom the amount of time it took to create it. Literally millions of tiny tiles. When you walk inside, it is honestly breathtakingly overwhelmingly grand. You actually weren’t allowed to take pictures (that didn’t stop me), but none of these pictures do it any justice in capturing the grandeur of it. Can you believe each image is all tiles!? Another pic spam:

From the tower we also got a great view of the square below:

After walking around still more, we went to go meet two of Valentina’s friends at a bar. I got some local drink (the name of which I cannot remember) that tasted of orange. We then stopped at Valentina’s house to pick up her younger brother, and the five of us went to get pizza together. Valentina and I each got one and split them in half: one had tomato sauce, cheese, speck, and potatoes (yes, potatoes), and the other had tomato sauce, several kinds of cheese, dried tomatoes, and prosciutto. (Actually, I can’t remember which had speck and which had prosciutto.) To finish the meal, we had this drink which was lemon sorbet and vodka (more sorbet than vodka) that is supposed to aid in digestion. After all the pizza I ate, I sure needed it!


Now heavier and happier than I was the night before. 🙂


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  • KA says:

    Wow! all this in a day! Sounds fantastic, and like a good time of year to visit. That mozarella snack sounds like HEAVEN! oy. so much food, so little time!

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