Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp With Beth and Hannah at Frankfurt!

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just got back from a whirlwind trip to Frankfurt. I was visiting my friend Beth, who I know from Chicago (She is living and working in Frankfurt for the next few years.) I was supposed to leave for Frankfurt Friday afternoon, but on Thursday night I got an email from Beth saying she had gotten ill and was in the hospital, and she didn’t know if she would be out by Friday. She said that if she wasn’t out in time, I was welcome to still stay at her place. (My plane tickets were nonrefundable so I basically was going to Frankfurt come hell or high water.)

When I left København on Friday afternoon, Beth was still in the hospital. The journey to Germany was uneventful, except I have to comment on the fact that I literally cannot remember the last time I went through airport security and did not get a pat down. Seriously, every single time. When I flew home for winter break I not only got the naked picture, but I also got a pat down. This time was just metal detector, then pat down. Not only was this the most thorough pat down I have ever received, but for some reason it was also the most ticklish. I seriously could not stop laughing… Anyway, for the flight there, I we got this yummy lemon muffin type thing.

I arrived in Frankfurt and knew I had to take the train and then the tram to the hospital to get Beth’s keys. I luckily happened to ask a very helpful girl for directions help, and she not only got me on the right train, but when we got off the train, she walked me over and showed me exactly what tram to get on. This trip has further convinced me that streetcars are one of the ultimate ways of travel. Plus, I felt kind of like Judy Garland on the trolley… but I digress.

I made my way to the hospital, but I couldn’t find the building Beth was in. The receptionist at the building I was at couldn’t speak English, and so she directed me to another desk where I finally got instructions. After going to the correct building, I was able to just walk up to her room. There was no receptionist desk or nursing station to pass through or check in on… you could seriously just walk in (or out, as it turns out the case was). After getting to Beth, it turns out she was going to be able to leave in about an hour.

She had her final chat with the doctor, and then, as easily as I walked in, she walked out. There were no discharge papers or things to sign or any formalities. It was odd. So we took the tram back to her apartment and then we were going to go out to eat. Since Beth had been in the hospital for two days, she really wanted to shower before we went out. So I said OK, and she went to go shower. After a minute or so, she said (queue ominous tone…), “They forgot something at the hospital…”

She emerges from the bathroom and shows me her arm. It turns out they forgot to take the IV out!! I try to recollect back on all the times I’ve had an IV but I can’t quite remember if they just pull it out. I consult Dr Google, and she eventually just yanks it out of her arm. But wow! How can you forget to take out a patient’s IV???

We then went to dinner at an Italian place close by, where I had super cheesy lasagna. Since it is late here now and there is much, much more to write, I will save the rest of the weekend for the next post.


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