These are a few of my least favorite things…

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know I keep promising an update about classes, but I also keep getting distracted.

So the following is not necessarily a list of my least favorite things, but just things that strike me as weird about Denmark:

1) The price of chocolate… wow. I made a pan of brownies last night because I had some friends over to watch the Oscars, and the chocolate alone cost me seven dollars, and that was for the cheap chocolate.
2) The things you can’t find in a grocery store here. (Actually, grocery stores here are different in general: there is nothing like  Jewel or Geagle, all the stores are very small and you can’t find everything at one store; sometimes I have to go to a few stores before I find a pretty simple item.) I haven’t been able to find (in the low end stores I go to): black beans, graham crackers, jalapeno or poblano peppers, or ground turkey. (I never realized how many Mexican ingredients I used until I tried to find them here). Chocolate chips and peanut butter are difficult. Actually, a funny story about shopping: about a month ago or so, I had a bunch of bananas and wanted to make banana bread. I have this recipe for the *best banana bread ever* (that is the name of the recipe and it’s true) and it is made with buttermilk. I went to the store and I couldn’t find anything that looked like buttermilk and I didn’t have my dictionary with me. I tried asking someone but they didn’t know what buttermilk was (I mean, I’m sure they knew what it was, they just didn’t know the English word). So I ended up getting yogurt and substituting. (It wasn’t the same though, did something funky with the texture of the bread.) So anyway, a week or so later I went to the store with a friend and I was buying milk, so I grabbed a carton and said to my friend, “Oh, I’ve got milk.” This lady standing by us says, “You know that’s not milk, right?” When I probed her, she said it was like sour milk. Ah hah! So I almost mistakenly bought buttermilk when I wanted milk, but I couldn’t find buttermilk when I wanted it… yeah… that story lost something in the retelling
3) Speaking of peanut butter, I was talking with some people in my kollegium and I said the classic sandwich in the US is peanut butter and jelly. They all thought it was disgusting, and I was like “Hey, you eat leverpostej (liverpaste).” (According to wikepedia: “Two surveys in 1992 showed that Danes rank leverpostej as their favorite sandwich cold cut.”)

I’m off to Frankfurt this weekend to visit my friend Beth from home. I told her that when she visits I will try leverpostej, which will selvfølgelig be documented on this blog.

I actually can’t think of any more least favorite things, which I guess is a testamate to how much I love it here.

What else have I been up to… As I said, last night I had some friends over [Katy (England), Samantha (US), Brittany (US), Valentina (Italy), Elisabeth (Australia)] and we ate an immense amount of unhealthy food (brownies, cookies, pretzels, pizza, ice cream, pudding…) and watched the Academy Awards until an ungodly hour of the night. It was funny because Valentina was used to hearing all the actor’s voices dubbed so it was a new experience for her to hear their real voices. Today I went to a welcome reception put on by the city of København (which also included free pancakes which were more like crepes). I ran into Valentina there, as well as two of her friends, and we came back to my apartment and had dinner after. (Which further cemented Valentina’s status with me as an excellent cook).


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