Wine and dine me

February 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Tuesday I decided to go to the (only) Jewish deli in København. I picked Tuesday because the deli has the weirdest schedule ever. As can be assumed, it is closed Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday for Shabbat. In keeping with Danish tradition it is also closed Sunday, and then it is closed Monday for funsies or something. So it is only open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning. I figured, considering the limited opening hours, that it must be a fabulous deli in order to stay in business. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

Lists of foods they did not have: Bagels, bialis, challah, kreplach, matzoh balls, pickles, chopped liver, kishke, hard salami, pastrami, corned beef

Lift of foods they did have: French bread… gefilte fish, ummm… chicken…. and halvah

All I bought was some halvah, and I also got a sandwich. I hadn’t eaten anything all morning in anticipation of the amazing deli I thought I was going to experience, so I bought a sandwich with some peppered meat. The lady showed me some french bread and asked me if that would be OK. (Don’t know why she bothered asking since it was the only kind of bread they had.) I said, “Do you have challah?” and she looked at me like I was insane. To further confirm for herself I was insane, she then offered me a tray of condiments to put on my sandwich which included ketchup, yellow mustard, and mayonnaise. When I politely refused, I then was given the look of a mad woman.

A curious thing about København (and a lot of places in Europe, from what I’ve heard) is how intertwined alcohol is with school life. The different departments here  at University all have bars associated with them that you can go to and drink. Back at CMU, no alcohol consumption is ever sanctioned by the school, much less having a school sponsored bar. Additionally, here some clubs meet at bars, which is just odd. I can’t imagine going to a bar for a meeting back at home.


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