Copenhagen to Chicago and back again

January 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

On Monday, one of my friends from language class, Valentina, was having a birthday. She decided to have a dinner party at her kollegium with about 30 people, including folks from our language class, and random other people she knew. Since Valentina is Italian, the occasion obviously called for spaghetti. And when I say spaghetti, I mean a LOT of spaghetti. Valentina told me after that she made 4kg, or almost 9lbs, of spaghetti! After my first helping, I went back for seconds, thinking maybe there wouldn’t be enough. The pot was still full to the brim! There was alsotomato bruschetta and three or four huge pans of amazing tiramisu. So delicious! Was definitely a hyggelig night!

And what’s a blog post without unflattering photos of friends!?

(1. Katy, from England, eating spaghetti. 2. Nadine, from Germany, drinking beer. 3. Birthday girl Valentina blowing out candles on the tiramisu. 4. The aftermath… a huge number of beer cans and bottles)

On Tuesday, after class, we went on a tour of the Royal Library, also called the “Black Diamond” because the outside resembles a black diamond, or something. In the library, none of the books are actually on the shelves; you have to put in a request and then they come the next day for you. Apparently there is a really good room of Jewish documents, and actually there is a Jewish museum behind the library as well. Apparently the collection of books this library owns could stretch from Copenhagen to Chicago and back again. (And yes, the tour guide did use Chicago as the example). And I believe that figure doesn’t include digital records. In fact, the library archives every website that ends in .dk. Freaky!!

Well anyway, this is better explained with pictures. Like always, click the image to see a bigger version.

The outside of the "Black Diamond"

View of the inside from the bottom level. If you see at the top, there is a bridge where a lot of people are standing. You'll see the view from that bridge later in this set.

View of the inside of the library from the lower level. Instead of escalators they have treadmill ramps!

View from this glass bridge at the top level. I'm really acrophobic and the height was too much for me, so I sat down on the floor right past the bridge and leaned onto the bridge to take this picture

Garden behind the library, voted number one spot for kissing in Copenhagen

Reading room for students

One of the rooms where they keep the books. Most are kept at alternate locations a drive away from the library. It smelled SO good in this room, like so many good, old books. When I'm rich, I will have a library like this. Mine will also have a ladder though.


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§ 2 Responses to Copenhagen to Chicago and back again

  • KA says:

    Nice pix of the beautiful library! I guess their taxe$ go to good causes… Denmark appears so “civilized!”

  • Nadine says:

    There sure are a lot of “birthdays” going on; when’s your party???
    Library is beautiful! Do they have any original music manuscripts? XO, NA

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