Passengers are requested not to sleep on the floor…

January 4, 2011 § 4 Comments

Well, I’m here! My flight left at 10:05pm (or, as they say here, 22:05) Chicago time on Sunday, and arrived in Copenhagen at 13:2o on Monday. The flight was uninteresting, except for the announcement at the beginning that “passengers are requested not to sleep on the floor.” They also didn’t turn the lights off until 12:30am Chicago time, and then turned them back on around 4:00am Chicago time, just in time for an 11:00am Danish brunch! They also served dinner at the start, which consisted of some beef thing with potatoes, as well as a small salad and crackers and cheese. I passed since I had just eaten dinner, so I can’t attest to the quality of the flavor. Brunch was a small thing of orange juice, a small sandwich on a roll, and blueberry yogurt.

My fatal mistake in regards to the flight was at the airport. I wanted to get to my gate to charge my phone, so I passed up a soda at the the convenience store stand a bit from my gate. I assumed I could just get a coke on the plan, but I forgot that Danes aren’t big soda drinkers. They did have sodas on the flight, but they were in these microscopic .15L cans. AH!

I was assigned a mentor (a student at the University that helps guide you around), and he met me at the airport. We took the metro to my apartment, which is situated in Islands Brygge. According to my map, Islands Brygge is an “upcoming neighborhood reflecting new urban life and modern architecture. Offers hip art galleries, underground events, and a harbour pool during summertime.” The neighborhood is also home to the University’s college of humanities; in fact, I can see the humanities buildings right out of my window.

We dropped by suitcases at my apartment, then my mentor and I went shopping for a few necessities. We first went to a bank, where I tried to open an account, but was unable to because I haven’t yet been assigned a CPR number (kind of like a social security number) We then stopped and got a phone card so I can call and text within Denmark, and then we stopped at a (relatively) cheap grocery store. This was the source of soda fail #2. Soda here is SO expensive; a 1.5 liter bottle is like 20DKK, which is about 4 dollars. A single can is 10DKK, which is about 2 dollars, and you can’t buy 12 packs or anything like you can in the US. I picked up some soda (my only vice, dare I say), pasta, sandwich bread and meat (peanut butter seems not to exist here), eggs, cereal, and cheese. I then came back to my apartment, unpacked, cooked dinner, and chatted with the people I share a kitchen with (all who seemed nice).

Today, I awoke at 6am (11pm Chicago time), and, despite feeling super awake, forced myself to go back to bed. I fell asleep around 7:30 and slept until 12:00, at which point I woke up and felt super tired. After a quick lunch, I went to go to a shopping mall my apartment-mates told me about. The mall apparently has a citizenship office, so I was hoping to get my CPR number. After arriving there (15 min walk or so), I was informed I actually had to go to a different station. So, I hopped on the train (first train experience alone here), and went to the other station and then walked to the office. After 2+ hours in line (think like a DMV office), I finally had filled out the paperwork and was told I would get my number sent to me within 1 to 3 days.

I left to greet the 4 o’clock hour and my new friend Tinne, who I met on facebook. She had agreed to help me around and figure out some things. We walked around for a bit (I’m unsure of the name of the area; I think it was kind of downtown?… and for the cool people out there, we passed by two yarn shops!). We also stopped in a coffee shop where she helped me look through the course catalog to try to figure out what courses to take. After, we went to another grocery store where I got some vegetables, fish, and pizza dough. (I also picked up a laundry basket and extension cord earlier). Apparently you need a printed passport photo to get a monthly metro pass, so I settled for a 10 pass and headed home. My Danish language course starts tomorrow, so there will be less time for frolicking about.

Random observations so far:

  1. Danish kids wear huge one piece snowsuits. There was this kid, about 1.5 years old, at the CPR office, and his snowsuit was so big and fat he looked like a starfish.
  2. Everything is so Danish. From the CPR office, to the metro stations, everything is influenced by Danish design.
  3. My bathroom floor tiles are heated, which might be the nicest thing ever. There are also two flush options for the toilet: full flush and half flush.


Following is a slide show of my room and bathroom, as well as the common kitchen and living room.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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§ 4 Responses to Passengers are requested not to sleep on the floor…

  • KA says:

    Thanks for the update! esp enjoyed the pix. Meant to warn you about the soda situation, but maybe it will help you break your addiction….I’ll bring you peanut butter (and jelly??) if you like in a few weeks!

  • Nadine says:

    So………….did you sleep on the floor??
    Love the new digs, and all the Danish design (especially the dining room!)…but why is there a Canadian flag in the kitchen??? How many suite mates do you have? Love ya, NA

  • Hannah says:

    13 of us (including me) share a kitchen, dining area, and common room. I am my own room and bathroom. there are flags from a bunch of countries in the living room (that’s the living room, not the kitchen); I think they are from the countries of the international students who have lived here.
    Love you!

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