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This past week, I finally got my apartment assignment for Copenhagen. The university has no dorms, but they will help you find housing in apartment complexes that are built for students. Since the demand for rooms is high, you only get one offer that you can accept or reject. (And if you reject it, you are on your own.) Needless to say, it being only 3 weeks before my departure, I was kind of nervous that I still hadn’t heard about my assignment yet.

When I did get the assignment, though, wow– I was blown away. The name of the apartment complex is Tietgenkollegiet, and my room is 33 square meters (I cannot picture, at all, how big that is). Some fun facts:

  • there are 360 rooms, 10% of which are reserved for international students
  • the vast majority of the rooms are singles with private bathrooms, and twelve rooms share a living room, large kitchen, and large dining room. (since food is so expensive in Copenhagen, it is essential that there is adequate kitchen space)
  • rumor has it that the bathroom floor tiles are heated
  • my room has a French balcony (a fake balcony but huge glass doors you can open), and the cluster of rooms I’m in might have a real balcony
  • you can’t put up your own curtains, because the architects selected them to go with the building aesthetic (see pictures below)
  • the building is a circle with an inner courtyard
  • the building won an award from the Royal Institute of British Architects, which is apparently a prestigious architecture organization
  • there is apparently over a year long waiting list for the dorm

Now for the pics:

The outside and a few pics I could find of the rooms; it is surprisingly hard to find interior pictures). Click images for bigger pictures:


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